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Thursday, 5 September 2013

PKN & Zombie Crash

Constant Flux & British Wildlife proudly present...
Tues 2nd October 2013
PKN (Finland)
Zombie Crash
plus Perspex Flesh
Wharf Chambers
7pm / £3 otd

I'm very pleased to be working on this with Constant Flux who create opportunities for musicians with learning disabilities.

Constant Flux was started by Richard Phoenix, as a Community Interest Company in 2013, as a way to combine his work and interests in two separate areas of music: the learning disabled music scene and the UK’s large DIY music community. he has worked with learning disability arts organisations and individual artists for over seven years as a music facilitator and project co-ordinator and have been playing and touring in punk bands and organising not-for-profit DIY (Do-It-Yourself) gigs for the last fifteen years.

He has been Inspired by bands such as Beat Express, Heavy Load, Zombie Crash and Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat, not only by their music but also their refreshing and unpretentious attitudes towards playing music.

The overarching motivation is for Constant Flux is to help start a movement in learning disability music away from learning disabled events for learning disabled audiences, towards integrated shows for everyone in accessible venues. Constant Flux want to help develop networks and audiences to make integrated shows happen more in the UK, thereby inspiring more engagement with the learning disability community, providing positive and empowering role models for musicians with learning disabilities and creating more chances for their music to be heard. This is also why we will also be helping to release some of the best music from this burgeoning learning disabled music scene.

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät is a punk-group formed by four Finnish guys with learning disabilities. Born out of the same boredom and hatred as any other punk-band, they use music as an outlet to their frustration with everyday things, such as living in a group home, not being served coffee because of their disability and their hated of pedicurists.

PKN formed in 2009 during workshops by Lyhty, a non-profit organisation for people with learning disabilities in Helsinki, Finland. Since then they have released 4 EPs and one album, all which have sold out. They have toured and played gigs worldwide. The band, Pertti Kurikka, Kari Aalto, Sami Helle and Toni Välitalo, who’s average age is 40, is the subject of the multi award-winning documentary, “The Punk Syndrome”, which is an amazingly honest, funny and moving insight into their lives. They are an incredible model for learning disability music with a fan base that spans many communities, cultures and languages.

Zombie Crash
Zombie Crash, from Brighton, UK, are a loud, noisy, chaotic heavy metal band of 6 friends writing songs about whatever they please, including vampires, zombies, girls and rocking out in a band.

Ryan O’Donovan, Luc Eisenbarth, Darrel Farley, James Barnett, Alex Pentalow, David Briggs, all in their 20’s, formed Zombie Crash in 2009 from a music course for people with learning disabilities run by the charity, Carousel. They released their debut album, “No Mercy” in 2011 and have built up a formidable live reputation that earns them more fans every time they play.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Recon: Splitty McCheeks / Blackhoods

As Part of Recon Festival
British Wildlife Presents...
Splitty McCheeks (Trans-continental Performance) 
The Brudenell Back Room
8pm / £4
Facebook Event

British Wildlife as part of  Recon Festival presents an evening of specialist music in the unique setting of the Back Room of the Brudenell Social Club.

Splitty McCheeks
Terrence Splitty and Achilles McCheeks perform music with video cassettes and still images while painting sound pictures with keyboards and gummy bits of tape going round and round and round. Terrence and Achilles have thrilled the audience at the opening of Everyday Film & Photography with an improvised show entitled ‘Wurlitz und Kino’.

Achilles will always show us some of his favourite videos and Terence must always play along with no previous knowledge what video clips he will play to. Splitty McCheeks’ costumes were exquisitely designed by The Master Craftsmen of Fes.

Masks courtesy of Ainley Top Garden Centre

Terrence Splitty: The Keyboards and tapes and the pedals and the sampler and too many wires

Achilles McCheeks: The televisions and the video and the mixer and too many wires.

What is special about this unique show is that Achilles McCheeks will be performing live via satellite from Australia, whilst Terrence Splitty will be performing in person.

'Slow melting molasses thick drone that’ll have your ears pricked and eyes wandering as you seep deeper into the swamp of crunching guitars and rhythmic drumming.'

"Like I’ve always said: If you can make music that sounds like liquid, you’ve got a good thing going. Blackhoods exist so far under the ocean’s surface you’d need a trio of Jon Camerons to pull them out, pulling off a strange hybrid that mixes Dolphins Into The Future aqua-spherics with echo-obsessed canyon jams, deep-sea dubbing, lo-fi, degraded Metasplice beats and the noise drill-clicks of Hair Police..." - the gumshoe grove.

"Bloody hell, this groove is good. It’s like some reggae DJ sampled swamp music, Boards of Canada and Excepter’s more somnambulist grooves. Live too. It’s the toaster and the minimalism of the sound FX that makes this so compelling, and so perfect for endless repetition, too." - julian cope, address drudion.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

P For Persia / Speak Galactic

British Wildlife Presents...
P For Persia (22:30)
Speak Galactic
Get Machine, Destroy!

Bar Santiago, Grand Arcade, Leeds
8pm - Late / Now Free Entry!

P for Persia are a three piece from Brighton mixing noise rock and synth pop with some pretty psychadelic shit.  They make glitchy, epic songs that fit somewhere between Hella, Boredoms and Dan Deacon.

Speak Galactic are a guitar/electronics and drums two piece from Brighton playing spaced out pop songs.  Taking influence from Animal Collective and Grandaddy, their songs are both soulful AND cool, a tough mix to nail!
The two bands are releasing a split 12 inch vinyl in August.

Get Machine, Destroy! is Adam Taylor, a Leeds-based industrial party machine who draws influence from all corners of electronic music, particularly early hip-hop, eight bit and wub-wub-wubstep. Depending on your perception, Get Machine, Destroy!  Is danceable destruction for technosexuals, robophiles for diggers of Digitalism, Justice and Daft Punk.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What a Week, Gigs This Week

What a bloody week indeed! Firstly I have to say a massive thank you for everyone who came to Fell Foot Sound this weekend, it was a blast. Here's a big list of thank yous.... (deep breath) ...Fell Foot Sound would have not happened with out the following...

The Sun, Nick, Pete, Adam, Ben, Brendan, Eve, Jules, Boo, Spacey, Emily, Tom Airey, Rosie, Alex, Coleen, Hannah, Wave and Dendy, The Westmorland Hog Roast Company, Bearfoot Beware, Super Luxury, Sky Larkin, Hey Sholay, Bilge Pump, Ikestra, Nope, Harry Ridgway, Thomas J Speight, Sam Airey, Thomas Truax, Witch Hunt, Gum Takes Tooth, Underground Railroad, Cowtown, Jacobian Ruff, Dancing Years, all you lot and (drum roll) Barry!

So now onwards, I have two gigs this week, go to them, or go to one of them, but dont go to none of them cause that won't help anyone!

Gig Number One

British Wildlife Presents
Thursday 1st August
Warm Widow (22:30)
The First Annual Super Luxury Hog Dog Eating Contest (21:45)
Aeroplane Flies High (21:00)
Stilts (20:20)

Brudenell Social Club
8pm / Free Entry

Warm Widow
Facebook | Website
<a href="http://warmwidow.bandcamp.com/album/widower">Widower by Warm Widow</a> Warm Widow are the most underrated band in Manchester. Yes, so they’ve had a bit of press for their “Widower” album but seriously - close our eyes for a minute and we could be back at last weekend’s ATP where abrasive but tuneful underground guitar noise is the order of the day, and only the very best: they could easily stand their ground on a bill with the likes of Les Savy Fav; rather oddly, they sound more than anything like a seriously Anglophile American or Canadian alternative rock band. Only you don’t want to close your eyes, because Lianne Steinberg is just incredible to watch. I’ve long had this theory that you only even notice a drummer if they are really excellent or really shit - and guess what, she’s not shit. The rest of the evening is spent metaphorically kicking ourselves for not having paid them more attention….'

Super Luxury
Facebook | Bandcamp
<a href="http://superluxury.bandcamp.com/album/mystery-thriller-teen-drama">Mystery Thriller Teen Drama by Super Luxury</a> Noise-rock in the key of party with AC/DC worshipping riffage. Somehow they have managed to blag themsleves onto another British Wildlife billing with the promise of providing four lucky members of the public a free dinner. Fresh from playing the cockpit dressed as chefs / millionaires / hotdogs and supporting Hawk Eyes at their 'This Is What This Is' release party. Hopefully we will see these strapping young lads release party all over the brudenell come August 1st. 

Aeroplane Flies High
Facebook | Bandcamp
<a href="http://aeroplaneflieshigh.bandcamp.com/album/blossom">Blossom by Aeroplane Flies High</a> Fuzzy Guitar noise pop how you like it from Liverpool. Sounding somewhere in between Part Chimp and Smashing Pumpkins. Really catchy riffs, great songs, there is little to dislike about this trio de triumph.

Stilts (formerly Effluence)
Facebook | Youtube
Stilts are a trio from the dark depths of the North-west, formerly known as Effluence.
They describe their music as G L O O M, a mixture of dark riffs, fuzzy noise, crude melodies and uncomfortable lyrics. Like Qotsa being nailed by the Dead Kennedys and Nirvana but then later caressed by Thom Yorke on the gooch.

and Gig number two...

British Wildlife Presents...
Bad Body 10:20pm
Cowtown 9.30pm
Herb Diamante 8.50pm

1-800-Lipstick 8.20pm

Friday 2nd August 2013
The Fox & Newt, Leeds
8pm / £4

What better way to spend your Friday night than going to see a band that has once been described as being 'a bit like going to two funerals in a row'

Bad Body
Facebook | Bandcamp
Like some blend of the inner thoughts of Ian Curtis personified fronting Cabaret Voltaire featuring David Lynch, if you like your experimental music dark then you can't really go darker than Bad Body; who will probably make you feel like you have just stepped into the red room. This band are the definition of 'not everyone's cup of tea' but if you are not everyone you'll bloody love it.

Facebook | Bandcamp
Added purely for contrast, and their uncanny ability to be absolutely awesome.

Herb Diamante
Facebook | Bandcamp
Herb Diamante will transport you to another universe for a while with his "character out of a lewis carroll novel" aura, just when you thought the drugs were wearing off!

The new solo bedroom project - although we have coaxed her out - of Daria Ramone of Etai Keshiki.