Saturday, 19 November 2011

Oxes Headline Show

Room 237 & British Wildlife present
Thurs 8th December
Bilge Pump
+1 tba
+ Ben Dewrance playing electronic treats between acts.
Brudenell Social Club
£6 ltd advance tickets available (motd)

Oxes (Baltimore, U.S)
"Oxes manage to put a unique spin on m&*h-rock and metal. Let's be frank: M@t#-rock is some boring, noodly-ass shit that, by packing "surprises" into every abrupt meter and dynamic shift, completely squanders its capacity to surprise. Oxes focus on m#@h-rock's bodily, combustible potential and turn it into drunken party music, never forgetting which part of the genre's name is the modifier and which is the foundation." -Pitchfork

Bilge Pump (Leeds)
Best live band in the UK, if you don't know who these are then you are not allowed into the gig. Numerous Peel sessions and always mind-blowing.

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