Monday, 9 January 2012

Volcano The Bear

Tuesday 10th of April
Volcano The Bear
Christopher Sharkey
Brudenell Social Club
8pm / £5 adv
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April sees the return to the UK of VOLCANO THE BEAR, in celebration of their new album for Rune Grammofon, Golden Rhythm/Ink Music, which is released in late February. The band has in recent years scaled down to a duo of Daniel Padden and Aaron Moore yet are more dynamic and angular than ever on stage. And their output testifies to this too - 15 years into their discography and yet this year saw the release of arguably some of the best records they've ever made, not least Hotbites Live At The Nightlight. The Rune release is set to top even that, their trademark collision of This Heat, Robert Wyatt and Albert Ayler taken to new multi-instrumentalist heights, perhaps fired by their ongoing interactions with other profound outfits such as The One Ensemble (Padden), Airway, Boredoms and A Hawk And A Hacksaw (Moore).

Live they're a more thrilling prospect than ever and we're delighted to be bringingVolcano The Bear back to Leeds on Tuesday 10th April at the wonderful Brudenell Social Club

Volcano The Bear have, in the words of The Wire, "produced some of the finest, wildest British music of the last 10 years on record and on stage…”. Or, as Losing Today puts it, “No one sounds, has sounded or will ever sound quite like Volcano The Bear.”

A calculatedly hysterical melting pot of This Heat, Robert Wyatt, Faust and Albert Ayler, seen through a prism of occasionally theatrical improvisations and unhinged set pieces, VTB so excited Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton that he brought his United Dairies label out of cold storage to release their first album proper, 'The Inhazer Decline', in 2000.

Since then, they've graced such labels as Beta Lactam Ring, Textile, Digitalis, Pickled Egg, Alt Vinyl and NO-FI with their peerless product.

On record, Volcano The Bear offer stark and stunning absurdities, in the most bizarrely beautiful way. Live, the adrenalin and invention drips from their earlobes as they thrust spectacular oddities in the faces of their audiences, always aided by their sublime multi-instrumentalism.

Once seen, never forgotten, or as this review from Avanto festival puts it: "Volcano TheBear...combines improvisation and playful experimentation with a conception of music that borders on the anthropological. Their extensive knowledge of the traditions of both experimental and folk music, combined with their other influences, makes the band a difficult one to categorise. Although VTB has been mentioned in connection with bands such as Vibracthedral Orchestra, Jackie-O Motherfucker and No-Neck Blues Band, VTB differs from the aforementioned as it consciously avoids the trance-inducing pulse in its music. Rather than trying to reach a trance through repetition they set up a ritual space where a large number of instruments associate freely. Absurd humour and eclectic ways of producing sounds are characteristic of VTB's live performances, which are largely built on improvisation. Familiar themes can be introduced as milestones on a journey towards a result, which remains unknown. The band records everything they play, and uses these recordings as raw material for their albums. For Volcano The Bear, post-processing is part of composing; their records are reminiscent of how This Heat and Faust used collage methods in rock music...The surprise element of their performances is further emphasised by the fact that their records - combinations of disciplined studio work and recorded improvisation - often sound nothing like the music played by the band on stage."