I do try and answer as many emails as humanly possible but i do receive a high volume. Bands please note that I am usually swamped with gig requests, please don't be offended if I do not get back to you. But here's a few tips to grab my attention...

Give me direct access to your music via Bandcamp, Soundcloud or even Spotify. I have pretty much lost faith in Myspace, Last.fm has possibly run it's course and Reverb Nation makes me feel a bit sick.

I can't really put on bands with next to no internet or social media presence anymore, it's a two way thing. Go buy yourself a nice computer and embrace technology!

Have plenty of 'ammunition' for me to use when promoting a gig, you don't have to have been played on Radio 1 or anything, I tend to listen to 6 Music. That's not really that relevant, but a nice video is always good and some decent photos, and maybe even free downloads or something.

Have your own gear, British Wildlife gigs generally encourage kit sharing and it always helps to be able to supply something as well as borrow. This is quite a good technique for getting a support gig as sometimes touring acts rely on borrowing kit from locals.

Be friendly, down to earth, professional and generally realistic. Also be sure to help me promote the gig, especially if you are local, one man can only do so much and it's great to share contacts etc.

Adam Nodwell
British Wildlife
a.nodwell at gmail.com